Second Friday

Art things happening Feb. 8

Anne, Ink on paper, 9x12". 2017
Anne, Ink on paper, 9×12″. 2017

I’m excited about the Second Friday event later this week. It’s at the AC Arts Garage in Atlantic City, NJ from 6 to 8 pm.

Come find me! I’m setting up a table with some works on paper.

AC Arts Garage
2200 Fairmount Avenue,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401


That’s what he said

A few random dancing funnies from leaders on the social floor.

I feel like these are too good to keep to myself.  Maybe I’ll randomly add to this post as shareworthies present themselves. 

quack shirt “Quack! “

(he wanted me to duck. maybe that’s actually what he said. Lucky for my head, I got it in time :))

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Pretty boring: Beached Gastropod

Pretty boring: shell on snowy beach, 2019
Pretty boring: shell on snowy beach, Wildwood Crest, NJ. January 2019

Pretty boring.

The latest photo category trending on this ugly, interesting blog 😉

It’s a section of pretty pictures, for the sake of nothing more than being a pretty picture. Well, and a link to purchase said pretty picture, of course.  There’s a time and place for everything. Some days, pretty is pretty ok.

Figure Drawing at Sketch Club in Millville

Female Figure Sketch 10 Min ink
Figure sketch 10 min ink / sketchbook. Short-haired Ann, RRCA Millville; (03/2018)

Did you know there’s sketch club that meets monthly at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville for figure drawing with a live model? It’s a nice group with wonderful models.

It’s $10, the fee covers the model. Sometimes Dave brings wine.

Bring your own supplies, all mediums welcome.

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Psychic abilities to painted Buddhist teachings

Spinning, West Coast Swing Dancers; 36x48" oil/canvas. Jodee Clifford. 2018

That feeling when a random youtube video about psychic abilities connects a Buddhist teaching to your current series of work

Mid-video over coffee, I debated whether or not I should share this one here. Russell Targ has some fascinating stories but how relevant it is to my art? Plus it’s long. How closely should I keep blog things focused?

I do have that Intuition is my Superpower shirt. This ties closely to that, but the shirts are commercial art, and only distantly related to what I’m doing.

Well, then I got to 31:30.


“You have to give up your desire to name things and grasp onto them and guess what they are because in the universe, it’s really empty of names”


I just had one of those, “oh my God, someone else thought this” moments of connection! Continue reading “Psychic abilities to painted Buddhist teachings”

Life Drawing Groups – January 2019


Ocean City Arts Center

Life Drawing at the Art League - Ann, Watercolor on paper
Life Drawing at the Art League – Ann, Watercolor on paper

Thursday, January 10th from 5 to 9 PM
Ocean City Art Center at 17th & Simpson
Ocean City, NJ 08226

The model will be short haired Ann. She’s bringing Turkish music to go along with brightly colored veils and cloths and her orange velvet cushioned bench.  There will be short warm ups and long poses for painters!

Don’t forget to bring exact change of $15 to pay the model .

Please RSVP to Mary Ann Kline at with a reference to drawing night. 

Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts

If you’re into life drawing, visit my friend, the fabulous dancer, chef, writer, and life model, Tamara (Tam-model).

Enchanted Point Logo

Enchanted Point Logo

Logo for the new Etsy shop, Enchanted Point.

Enchanted Point does these beautiful handmade wreaths from natural materials. We worked together to come up with something clean, simple, and symbolic that captured their product without limiting their offerings.