Life Drawing in Ocean City

Anne, Ink on paper, 9x12". 2017
Anne, Ink on paper, 9×12″. Jodee Clifford, 2017

Life Drawing night at OCAC 

Thursday, June 13th from 5 to 8:45 PM
Ocean City Art Center at 17th and Simpson
Ocean City, NJ 08226

The model will be short haired Anne. She is bringing props including a wonderful chaise lounge.  This will be the last life drawing night until September. 

Don’t forget to bring exact change of $15 to pay the model .

Please RSVP to Mary Ann Kline (comment below and I’ll inbox you her email address).

(I don’t organize these, just passing along the info)

Another Art Dance Mashup at 48 Blocks

Art Dance Mashup

June 21 – 23 throughout Atlantic City

Art Dance Mashup

Last year, 48 Blocks gave me this fantastic opportunity to do an art project. I had this idea that people could dance socially, in paint, to create a piece of art from other forms of art.

Dance is temporary. It lasts only during the now in which it exists. Somewhat like an installation, dance can only be experienced in the moment. Unless there is some medium capturing some of its elements through a visual art of sorts, the dance ends, time continues, and drifts into memory.

Moving, dancers connect to each other, to music, and to their space through the rhythmic language of the dance rules with weight changes and such. I wanted to see what would happen if dancers did the capturing through their connection to the ground surface with paint on their feet.

Art Dance Mashup 1
Art Dance Mashup, 40×96″ acrylic / latex on wood . 2018

When people dance improv to music in time and space, there is an energy and presence that dissipates at the end of movement. So much happens during an improv social partner dance. There’s a conversation between people, in time and space involving connection, sound, rhythm, song, energy, subtleties, body language, touch, pattern, rules, instincts, creativity, communication, and gesture.

Art Dance Mashup, 40×96″ acrylic / latex on wood . 2018

Last year, for 48 Blocks 2018, I applied to do this project during the weekend long art event in Atlantic City. It was such a success. I got to see the idea come to life in these rhythmic layers of dance painted footprints applied to large wooden panels.

48 Blocks gave me the opportunity to do this project again. It’s going to be opened up to more audience participation and a little less structure, without the limits of partner dancing. We’ll be using some alternative materials like paper and canvas, too.

I’m also planning to bring and display the pieces from last year.

48 Blocks Atlantic City

I hope you can make it to 48 Blocks. It’s a really cool event embracing the arts, community, and transformation in Atlantic City in 48 Blocks with 48 Projects in 48 Hours.

While you’re there, please come watch and if you like, participate in my art dance mashup project.

Art and Dance Mashup
1 pm
Saturday, June 22, 2019
3 pm Sunday, June 23, 2019
For up to date locations, please visit

Oh, and follow them @48BlocksAC.

And follow me and my messmaking at @jodeeclifford.


It was March on a Sunday at a gas station off  I-95 in Rhode Island. I scrolled through my audiobook app to find something to pass the miles faster. I was  worn out from Boston Tea Party, a crossover swing dance event in Massachusetts.

I typed in Malcolm Gladwell to see what might be available. I like the sound of his voice. It reminds me of someone I love.

Blink was the book I downloaded. Voice aside, I really just chose it because it was available. I had absolutely no idea what it was actually about. None. I listened to Tipping Point last summer and enjoyed it. I hit play and resumed my journey down 95. Continue reading “Merging”

Wearable Philly WCS Love

Philly Love WCS Shirts

New Swing Swag, because we love Philly West Coast Swing.

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And if you want more info on the Philly WCS scene, visit the Del Val Swing Club, Rob and Sheila Dance, Philly / Del Val Westies, and USC Swingers .
Continue reading “Wearable Philly WCS Love”


I heart NYC WCS shirt

And there’s Swing Swag prove it

Love, Swing Dance, and New York City. What more could you possibly want in a shirt?!

New Swing Swag, well, because we love New York City West Coast Swing.

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And if you haven’t bookmarked it yet, find a link to the fabulous comprehensive calendar of NYC west coast swing events Continue reading “I Love NYC WCS”

Art bling at the Arts Garage

Cuff links
Some of the cuff links I’ve been making are now available in the Noyes Arts Garage gift shop 🙂

Random shameless self-promotion.

I’m happy to share that the Noyes Arts Garage now has a collection of my handmade art bling jewelry available for purchase.

  • Earrings, necklaces, and cuff links made with paint
  • Celestially inspired Swarovski crystal constellation cuff links
  • Sterling moon phase earrings made with Cape May Diamonds


Life boat poetry

Random story

Not long out of college, I did a few oil paintings of these local scenes. Attorneys purchased a few and displayed the collection in their Jersey shore office.

Fast forward a few years, I was doing laundry and the washer broke mid-cycle. I lugged the heavy soapy load to the laundromat. It was June and I was sitting outside on a bench when these guys pulled up in a convertible. Blocking the street, the driver looked over and said hi. I was single and he seemed funny and harmless enough so when he asked, I gave him my number. We ended up dating for a while before becoming friends. Continue reading “Life boat poetry”