That’s what he said

A few random dancing funnies from leaders on the social floor.

I feel like these are too good to keep to myself.  Maybe I’ll randomly add to this post as shareworthies present themselves. 

quack shirt “Quack! “

(he wanted me to duck. maybe that’s actually what he said. Lucky for my head, I got it in time :))

“It’s okay, I have cats”

(after I accidentally scratched him)

“You’re into bondage, aren’t you? “

(dancing with one of my favorite leaders, I over-rotated in a hammerlock type move )

They kind of make fun  t-shirts, no? Coming soon to If you need one sooner, contact me with color / size / phrase and I’ll send you one pronto. Or, if you don’t want to contact me, you can always order any swingswag shirt and include a memo with one of these sayings.

you're into bondage aren't you? It's ok, I have cats


What’s cracked you up on the dance floor? Comments encouraged.

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