Another Art Dance Mashup at 48 Blocks

Art Dance Mashup

June 21 – 23 throughout Atlantic City

Art Dance Mashup

Last year, 48 Blocks gave me this fantastic opportunity to do an art project. I had this idea that people could dance socially, in paint, to create a piece of art from other forms of art.

Dance is temporary. It lasts only during the now in which it exists. Somewhat like an installation, dance can only be experienced in the moment. Unless there is some medium capturing some of its elements through a visual art of sorts, the dance ends, time continues, and drifts into memory.

Moving, dancers connect to each other, to music, and to their space through the rhythmic language of the dance rules with weight changes and such. I wanted to see what would happen if dancers did the capturing through their connection to the ground surface with paint on their feet.

Art Dance Mashup 1
Art Dance Mashup, 40×96″ acrylic / latex on wood . 2018

When people dance improv to music in time and space, there is an energy and presence that dissipates at the end of movement. So much happens during an improv social partner dance. There’s a conversation between people, in time and space involving connection, sound, rhythm, song, energy, subtleties, body language, touch, pattern, rules, instincts, creativity, communication, and gesture.

Art Dance Mashup, 40×96″ acrylic / latex on wood . 2018

Last year, for 48 Blocks 2018, I applied to do this project during the weekend long art event in Atlantic City. It was such a success. I got to see the idea come to life in these rhythmic layers of dance painted footprints applied to large wooden panels.

48 Blocks gave me the opportunity to do this project again. It’s going to be opened up to more audience participation and a little less structure, without the limits of partner dancing. We’ll be using some alternative materials like paper and canvas, too.

I’m also planning to bring and display the pieces from last year.

48 Blocks Atlantic City

I hope you can make it to 48 Blocks. It’s a really cool event embracing the arts, community, and transformation in Atlantic City in 48 Blocks with 48 Projects in 48 Hours.

While you’re there, please come watch and if you like, participate in my art dance mashup project.

Art and Dance Mashup
1 pm
Saturday, June 22, 2019
3 pm Sunday, June 23, 2019
For up to date locations, please visit

Oh, and follow them @48BlocksAC.

And follow me and my messmaking at @jodeeclifford.

Art Dance Mashup Project: Make Art With Dance

West Coast Swing dancers dancing in paint

Art / dance mashup installation

West coast swing dancers captured residual art from elements of connection and movement through improvisational lead/follow connection, common ground on June 23, 2018 during 48 Blocks.

Two 40″x96″ latex and acrylic on wood paintings
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West Coast Swing Dancers, 2 Large Oil Paintings

West Coast Swing Dancers, Oil on Canvas
2 Paintings West Coast Swing Dancers, Oil on Canvas, both 30×40″, 2017


 Lead Follow dancing, Connection Symbolism Dance Painting,

30×40″ oil on canvas
2017, Jodee Clifford

30×40″ oil on canvas
2017, Jodee Clifford

I’m exploring relationships through human form, body language, and connection.
Connection is my most recent body of work painting dancers. Started in 2016, it’s a series of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings, and ink drawings exploring human connection with body language, touch, and gesture; communicating and connecting without words through improvisational lead and follow social dancers. As a dancer and former media employee, this body of work is a reflection of communication in contrast to verbal or written language with undertones of honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

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