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13 Spotify playlists for making paintings

I tend to listen to instrumental music while drawing or painting. An art teacher once told me that music without words like jazz & classical keeps the brain’s creative side engaged.

Maybe there’s something to it, maybe not. Regardless, the groovy stuff comes out with my paints.

I polled Instagram to find out what others listen to in the studio. Their answers are in the IG Art Studio playlist below.

Continue reading for 13 Spotify playlists. You’re encouraged to comment with musical additions.

@VTAdvertising‘s suggestion was a playlist
This one is kind of groovy for chillaxin’ with a paintbrush by the sea
Painting music that supposedly lowers blood pressure.
There’s a chance a word or two snuck into this list, but for the most part…

Here are a few playlists I turn on while custom framing, cleaning brushes, rearranging, stretching canvas, underpainting, etc.

Here it is.
The IG Poll Playlist

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