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2020 is fine

Delete, delete, delete! This site is 60 posts of “what the heck was I thinking?!” lighter.

They’re gone now but let’s not even mention the anxiety I felt reviewing them. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

THIS is why I don’t have tattoos.

My first road trip of the year is in the books, complete with a photo of this fine sign as seen on Boston’s Newbury Street. Last weekend was the first reception of the year. Out of Place, Fountain Street Gallery, SOWA. If you find yourself in the area, it’s a wonderful show. I’m honored to have been included.

Back to reality of sorts, new paintings are in the works. By in the works, I probably just mean mid-tone primed with some ambiguous ideas buzzing around… they are almost as tall as me, set and ready to go though.

I’ll try to figure out why these 738 ads still appear, despite having removed the code. I’ll check that out over a big frothy cappuccino in the morning. In the mean time, please excuse the excessive ads. I use them to offset website costs but apparently auto-placement takes quantity to another level. It’s on my list.

I’d rather paint but it’s the time of year that brings a crapload of data to enter into Quickbooks. Even if data and responsibility win tomorrow, new paints are coming soon.

There may be a couple of recently finished paintings photographed and squirreled away for posting later this week.

Ha! 2020 will probably be fine.

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