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Mid-October Musing

Saltwater Veins V

2020 Edition


There are a couple of conversations happening on my easel right now. Like the first presidential debate of 2020, except they’re getting along. Different values, same stage. Actually, my paint forms and oil paintings have the same values – just different ideas about getting there.

Paint Forms are still underway and I’ve got a few coastal pieces in oil on canvas in the works, too. The paint forms are relatively petite. The coastal pieces are a little larger at 18×24″ and 48×60″. Photographed below, the top left is a work in progress getting close.

There are so many more to photograph. Paint Forms are tricky because they’re so reflective.


I’m finally able to take commissions on again… currently booking November and December projects. Contact me to get in. Do it! C’mon! Look at my commission face. 🙂

I could make a bad joke but it’s really just a couple days into prep for the mural I’m working on.

I’m writing this from a new computer. Naturally there’s a story… but I’m on overload so we’ll save that for another post.

All this crap is bound to come out somewhere… apparently it won’t be on a dance floor anytime soon. Keep an eye out on the visual front.

So. much. Crap. I’m grateful for paint.


Until this Covid mess, I’ve never gone 235 days without dancing… not since I started.

I get it, it’s not safe. The nature of social dancing is the opposite of social distancing. North Myrtle Beach sees spike in COVID-19 cases following unofficial shag dancing festival happened after people danced anyway. The article only cites two deaths but members of the dance community have been saying there are over 100 dancers sick and eight have died from Covid since the late September event.

I deeply empathize with how badly some people want to dance. To many, it’s just a fun and heathy hobby that should obviously be delayed until conditions are more favorable… but for others, social dance is something that meets real life needs. I won’t go further into it here but this whole situation is discouraging.

*Bring it up a notch, Jod*


Back in April, I made a “meet the artist” video to go along with my 48 Blocks project – I plan to re-record it sometime soon with my fancy new computer. It sounds like the ACAF will be publishing their virtual 48 Blocks weekend online soon, too.

Flute is open again… and they’ve added a lovely new open air patio. Go see my friend, Herve, and tell him you’d love to see another art show since the last one was cut short.

On a side-note, I’ve got a personal revelation going on. I’m moved and torn between telling the world and keeping it personal. Hopefully with enough time, it won’t be quite so consuming. Maybe my mind will find some productive, subjective, non-literal, subtle while still satisfying outlet for some of this BS.

Wait… expect more Paint Forms.

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Beach Painting

beach plein air sunset beach cape may point

I had a few hours between jobs and wanted to paint but it was 80 degrees and sunny.

My wacky schedule has me juggling paint and down time. I’ve been dipping my toes into plein air situations, despite being fussy about painting scenarios. These recent open air paintings on paper have very little to do with what I’m doing – aside from opening potential to strike up conversations about purchasing work or raffle tickets.

To me, this plein air thing is more of a skill-building exercise than anything else. I don’t typically do these types of beachscapes, nor do I prefer to work quickly, or in public. I don’t like talking while painting. Heck, I don’t even like listening to music with lyrics at my easel. 

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Wildwood [Arts] Nights

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Seashell Painting Raffle

fundraiser for VoiceLove

Tickets are only $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the VoiceLove Project.

In mid-July, I read an article about this heart-melting project. It was within a day or two of finishing this oil painting. VoiceLove puts the voice of loved ones into ICU rooms, even when visitors are not allowed. When you pick up a seashell, you can hear the ocean.  It kind of felt poetic.

The doctors behind VoiceLove Project are getting Relay speakers into ICU rooms, allowing critically ill patients to hear the voice of their loved ones… sharing hope, love, words of encouragement. All the things someone fighting for their life needs to hear. They provide a direct line of communication between families and patients. These devices don’t require nurses to facilitate the conversations.

Incredibly compassionate people using their brilliance for good… that’s what superhero movies are made of.

Learn more:

Buy Tickets:

  • Details:

Tickets $10, available online, in person, over the phone, text, inbox, venmo… etc.
Drawing is Friday, September 4, 2020 at 8:30 pm, and will be broadcast live on Instagram at @jodeeclifford.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. Also, don’t hesitate to share. It’s a great cause.

Raffle tickets for She Sells Seashells
She Sells Seashells I – Raffle ticket fundraiser 18×24″ oil on canvas, 2020
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unique painting masks for sale

These masks came to fruition by chance in my process of solving problems five or six deep.

I’ve been distracted by projects lately. One led to another, which led to another. One day I’ll slow down enough to fill you in, but it started with an audiobook which led to ordering a new filing cabinet. Next thing I knew, paintings were stacked in the hallways, my website was (is) under construction, and I had (still have) an enormous organization project underway.

It’s not finished yet, but there is a new (and completely functional) gallery shop on this site too. It’s where you can go to find available originals… it’s HERE if you want to take a sneak peek.

Please take a minute to check out how fun these paintings and drawings translated into face masks. As of this post, I have over forty posted to choose from.

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Story Bingo for Artists

Creative Quarantine Bingo

There may be a perfectly logical reason I haven’t seen one of these around the internet yet… but I made it anyway.

An Instagram Bingo Story for Artists.

It’s free to use however you’d like. Tag @jodeeclifford in your game pieces… I’d love to see them.

Customize it with the Illustrator editable download below.

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Homemade Pastel paper

Pastels will probably find their way into the series on my easel. Fume-free is appealing and I have some paper to work with.

Karen Margulis had an interesting idea in a pastel paper video. She mentioned covering an unsuccessful watercolor with clear gesso and reworking it in pastel.

As someone who’s been on a liberating roll of painting over paintings, I’m inspired.

Here are a couple share-worthy DIY pastel paper videos.

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Wash your hands

Friendly reminder: wash your hands. Hand covered in oil paint in front of a painting.
Friendly reminder. Coronavirus. Go wash your hands again. Oil painting in progress in the background.

That’s one of the wet paint booby traps on my easel in the background.

I’ve been painting so much during this coronavirus catastrophe that I got a blister on my middle finger. I don’t want to accidentally flip anyone the bird by sharing a picture. Plus manicures during social distancing…

I was an early adopter of the whole self-quarantine thing too… apparently mildly and appropriately paranoid. Like, I skipped MadJam and everything.

I’m grateful to be healthy and pray my loved ones are able to stay healthy too.

Okay, wash your hands again.



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13 Spotify playlists for making paintings

I tend to listen to instrumental music while drawing or painting. An art teacher once told me that music without words like jazz & classical keeps the brain’s creative side engaged.

Maybe there’s something to it, maybe not. Regardless, the groovy stuff comes out with my paints.

I polled Instagram to find out what others listen to in the studio. Their answers are in the IG Art Studio playlist below.

Continue reading for 13 Spotify playlists. You’re encouraged to comment with musical additions.

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