Poetically vanishing art dance shirts

Make Art With Dance tankIn June, I did an art project in Atlantic City and asked a number of people for help.

The idea was to visually capture an element of connection through lead and follow social dancing in paint to create a residual piece of art because dance is so temporary, like an installation. Dance is an installation that only exists in a moment, and the only way to experience it a subsequent time is through memory or another form of art.

It was a success!

To thank the people who traveled from DC, Philadelphia, and NYC to help this craziness happen, I got the bright idea to make them shirts that said “Make Art With Dance.”

I use a dtg printer for my swingswagshop.com projects but this time, I decided to do it myself… order a shipment of shirts and screen print them. Let’s not discuss the learning curve or the fact that this happened within 5 days of the event…

After turning the shower green with emulsion, I got a silk screen cured well enough to make a few shirts. I preferred the way white looked on blue shirts to the black fabric ink I had. I went to the screen print section on my local art supply and picked up some white ink. Block printing ink and screen printing ink are in the same isle with similar packaging. How different could they be?

I used it, it looked good. It worked! Mission accomplished. Sure, there were shirts drying on every flat surface in the living room. Never mind the wood panels, cans of paint, and entire art show of oil paintings stacked and ready to stuff into my Prius like the clown car it is… my shirts were ready to be heat set.

I set, pressed, folded, and boxedMake Art With Dance tee maybe 2 dozen shirts. I was feeling SO proud that they were done, and done in time. It freaking worked 🙂

I gave them out and kept one for myself. There were a few black ones, a few white ones. They were all well received. Some people who couldn’t make the event even saw them on instagram and reached out wanting to order them. It felt really good.

I wore rocked my white on blue shirt and relived the art of the day.

I washed it.

The artwork was gone.

The ink on the shirt disappeared… on a shirt that I made to celebrate an art project about living in the moment, connecting, and the temporary nature of it all.

It was freaking life poetry.

This was June of 2018. It might remind you of Banksy’s Shredding Prank. Maybe this was the universe’s subconscious premonition? His was intentional. This was more circumstantial, fateful, and poetic. And I can’t take an ounce of orchestrated credit… however, I appreciate how it unfolded.

Amusing aside, not a single person mentioned anything about their shirt’s ink disappearing.

Moral of the story. If you’re going to gift shirts, block printing ink and fabric screen printing ink aren’t interchangeable.

Make Art With Dance totes

Also, I made “Make Art With Dance” tote bags with fabric ink. I’m happy to send you one for $7 or 2 for $12 (is that too salesy?).

I’ll eventually list them somewhere to click and buy. In the mean time, just contact me to buy one.

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