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Jodee Clifford, 2004, Oil Painting: Green Sweater, Mixed Media

Exploring relationships, roles, and transformation with materials, paint, human forms, and abstractions. Always in search of walls. Contemporary works on canvas and other materials.

I find the tangible forms we experience life through fascinating. I draw from life, and use those drawings as references for paintings.

Paint forms

In 2020 I began making sculptural mixed media pieces about transformation made with paint. They are paint materials assembled as abstract forms to draw relationships between process, presence, and transformation.

Shore Surrealism

Abstracted ambiguous coastal landscapes depicting natural and unintended consequences, repetition, and organic forms.

Figures on Clothes

Figures on Clothes was a series of paintings started in 2003 where I painted relationships between clothing and the human form explored between subject matter and material. They are nude female figures painted directly onto the surface of stretched and prepared clothing. I enjoyed the ironic relationship between subject matter and material.

First Impressions

In 2018, I started doing these oil paintings called “First Impressions”. They’re slow oil paintings from croquis flushed out in oil paint. With these paintings, I hope to parallel the way we fill in unknown character traits based on instincts after meeting someone new.


In 2016, I began a series of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings, and ink drawings exploring human connection with body language, touch, and gesture; communicating and connecting without words through improvisational lead and follow social dance. As a dancer who formerly worked in media, this body of work is a reflection of natural communication in contrast to verbal or written language.

Living in a coastal area, bridge paintings relate connection from another perspective.


I’m fascinated with relationships, connection, language, instincts, and intuition.

PO Box 2532
Wildwood, , NJ 08260

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