Life Drawing: a boxer in conte, gouache

I did something out of the ordinary this night… I brought paints. They’re a different animal outside of the studio.

10 mins wasn’t very much time for gouache. There’s a reason I usually save the paints for the studio. Believe it or not, he wasn’t actually hovering, there was a stool I ran out of time to draw.

I got some workable sketches to. Matt’s a boxer. I wish it was one long pose but we did 10s and 20s.

Matt was great. He did these crazy fitness poses; 2 minute plank pose, 2 min crunch pose… my abs hurt just looking at him. I still haven’t done anything with those sketches quite yet.

I’ve been busy being mad and inspired about the neighbors cutting down our wisteria.

Only a couple days before the full moon, it flooded outside. Plus it was cold in the art center. I felt bad for the model, I was chilly in a turtleneck sweater.

First Impressions

First Impressions figurative oil paintings

A series of figurative oil paintings

First Impressions Jodee Clifford
4 First Impressions 10×10 oil on wood panel paintings, 2018

Since early 2018, I started painting slow oil paintings from the information from fast croquis. I’ve been exploring ideas about connection so much lately, First Impressions have been a huge part. It’s fascinating how much instinctive information can be filled in upon a brief meeting.  Only so much of that information can be quantified with language but there is so much intuitive information residing in sense and energy. 

I do a fair amount of drawing from life. The figure drawing parallel occurred to me – croquis are these fast drawings that capture gesture, shape, position, and weight in seconds. They often contain enough information to fill in the blanks to translate quick lines into solid human forms with energy and emotion.

That’s exactly how first impressions work… we flesh out  quick skeletal scribbles into emotionally concentrated human forms with very little to go on.

Each of the photographed paintings above are:
10×10″,  Oil on Wood, 2018

The gallery below was updated September, 2019

Monoprints from paper plates

abstract target monoprints

A series of monoprints using paper targets as plates.

Abstract target painting
Acrylic on paper, mono prints from paper plates (glowshot targets), 11×24″ / Sept. 2019. (J. Clifford)
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Abstract Improv Dance Paintings

Residual Paintings from Improv Dancing

This project that created paintings from improvisational dancing.

People danced in paint to create abstract secondary paintings from the momentary art of an improvisational dance



Action photos from the Dance Paint Mashup at 48 Blocks 2019

More about the dance in paint project

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Abstracted Figurative Mixed Media

Oil and Resin Abstract on Wood

Abstracted Figurative Mixed Media on wood, Seascape on Canvas
12×12″ Oil and Resin on wood
12×16 Oil and Resin on Canvas

Bridges of Cape May County, Oils on Canvas

Oil on Canvas
Disconnected, Open Beesleys Point Bridge, 36×48 Oil on Canvas, 2019
Bridge, Oil on Canvas
Disconnected, Beesleys Point Bridge under construction, 36×48 Oil on Canvas, 2019
Disconnected, Dismantled Beesleys Point Bridge, 30x40 Oil on Canvas
Disconnected, Dismantled Beesleys Point Bridge, 30×40 Oil on Canvas, 2019
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