My dance story, for Swing Swag

I added quite a few new dance tops in my etsy shop this morning. There are a couple goofy ones, a few funny-ish ones, and some brand new baby swag.

While I was logged in and updating, I decided to add a few details to my shop story.

My dance story as it appears on Swing Swag :

As a freelance designer who’s pretty passionate about dance, I wanted to bring my spin on dance designs to the community.

I started dancing as a kid… ballet, jazz, tap, cheerleading, I liked the dance routines.

I would dance any chance I had. From raves that went on until 5 am at the local underage club to country line dances 45 minutes away, I’d dance 5 or 6 nights a week. Since I wasn’t old enough to drive until half-way through my senior year, getting to dances on school nights took a little scheming. I’d intentionally take the wrong bus home from school so I’d be closer. Occasionally carpools would work out, way back when it was legal to pile into cars. I got pretty ok at talking people into giving me rides. I also mastered the art of convincing parents to allowing mid-week sleep overs.  I’d even resort to public transportation if that’s how I had to get there. Dance has always been my thing.

After all the raves and country dancing, I took my first swing dance class in 1999. Oh my goodness, I was hooked! Still teenagers, we brought in the new millennium swing dancing to a 12 piece band.

Over the years, dances have popped up and closed down but now the closest ones are about 90 miles away. These days I travel to New York and Philadelphia to get my dance fix… and it’s usually worth every mile <3

West coast swing is my priority love. Sometimes I can find people dancing hustle nearby so I do that too. I love a good two-step or shuffle. Line dancing is old faithful, my roots I guess. Love a little bachata and salsa from time to time too. Oh, and I dig east coast swing and lindy for the whole cardio element. I like cake but that’s another story.

I majored in painting and worked in graphic design and web dev since the 1900s, but now I’ve redirected my attention to full time creativity… Lucky Star Dreams jewelry and Artseejodee paintings, and I design everything here at Swing Swag.

Tying together dance and design, I opened Swing Swag on Etsy in 2017 with a set of original designs.

Rest assured, all the profits from this shop go right back into the dance community.

So there it is, dance is my thing.

That’s at least part of my dance story… maybe someday I’ll add more to it.

I’d love to hear about the excessive lengths you’ve gone through for the sake of dance! Your comments are more than welcome.

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