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New York City

I looked over to a rainbow touching down on Manhattan. I was on I-95 heading to Flute Midtown to take down my show.

I hadn’t been to the city since the Get Nudes + Drink Champagne reception February 29, when the media announced 70 cases of Coronavirus in the US

Friday evening around 5:30 pm, one lane of traffic funneled into half a tube of the Lincoln tunnel. At the end, everything glowed. The empty surfaces were reflecting the day’s raindrops with sunlight. A handful of masked people walking looked worn. 

I pulled up early, parked right in front of the door. 20 minutes early in a non-commercial vehicle, I sat in the car downloading a parking meter app. Twenty bucks in my pocket and wallet misplaced, I unsuccessfully tried to reset my parking meter app password. I prayed to avoid a ticket, it worked.

Before long, the show was packed and in my car. There was no reason to avoid Times Square. Traffic police stood appearing bored on corners of sparse streets. I watched a few people walk by with sad eyes in scrubs and masks, bouncing light of the thank you promos on Broadway.

Times Square Covid-19 Quarantine
Times Square at 6:40pm on a Friday during the Covid-19 Quarantine

New York was beautifully distracting. I missed a turn and ended up in front of the Javits Center. It was about 6:45, clouds glowed from behind the backlit makeshift hospital. Men and women in uniform crossed the street in a line to my left, people ran bare faced to my right. Everything still flowed. 

I looked up and saw a sign on a building. “Hang with Henry.” My family had been searching for my sister’s dog, Henry, since Tuesday. Jordan is a nurse, under stress during the pandemic. It felt like a sign. I’m thrilled to share that we were ‘hanging with Henry’ by the end of the weekend.

Hang with Henry

I crossed back into NJ without a drop of traffic. A stream of rescue vehicles were in the distance. I was concerned something terrible happened ahead. Z100 was on… it was 7pm on First Responder Friday. I wished I had stayed in the city to join in and clap for the people working in healthcare.

Turnpike Traffic was stopped for the procession. “Love Me Now” was on the radio. The sky was breathtaking. Ugh, my heart was so heavy. 

I fought the urge to pull over and reach out to people especially affected right then and there.

Then I saw another rainbow. 

Rainbow from the Parkway
Rainbow on the way home

Flute Midtown is running specials now for when they’re allowed to open again. Don’t miss the opportunity to help support a wonderful New York establishment that appreciates and supports the arts.

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