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Homemade Pastel paper

Pastels will probably find their way into the series on my easel. Fume-free is appealing and I have some paper to work with.

Karen Margulis had an interesting idea in a pastel paper video. She mentioned covering an unsuccessful watercolor with clear gesso and reworking it in pastel.

As someone who’s been on a liberating roll of painting over paintings, I’m inspired.

Here are a couple share-worthy DIY pastel paper videos.

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Wash your hands

Friendly reminder: wash your hands. Hand covered in oil paint in front of a painting.
Friendly reminder. Coronavirus. Go wash your hands again. Oil painting in progress in the background.

That’s one of the wet paint booby traps on my easel in the background.

I’ve been painting so much during this coronavirus catastrophe that I got a blister on my middle finger. I don’t want to accidentally flip anyone the bird by sharing a picture. Plus manicures during social distancing…

I was an early adopter of the whole self-quarantine thing too… apparently mildly and appropriately paranoid. Like, I skipped MadJam and everything.

I’m grateful to be healthy and pray my loved ones are able to stay healthy too.

Okay, wash your hands again.



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HBD, Nana

Today would have been Nana’s 89th birthday.

I painted this 36(ish)” square oil on canvas painting c. 2006.

I used one of her old slides as a reference… I had scanned hundreds of them for her back when I was in college living in Ocean City.

It’s so hard to believe it’s been seven years since I’ve stopped by to visit. I wonder what she’d say about all the chaos going on in the world now.

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Life Drawing at the Art League, Ink wash on paper

Embodiment: Figure In Art
3rd Street Gallery
Reception: Friday, January 24 from 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Exhibition: Jan. 24- Feb. 23  Mar. 22 2020
610 S. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Get Nudes + Drink Champagne
Figurative Works on Canvas + other materials
A Pop-up show at Flute Midtown
Exhibition: Feb. 13 – Mar. 31, 2020
Flûte Champagne Bar, 205 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

Gateway Playhouse, Somers Point, NJ 
May – June 2020. Additional details coming soon

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Speaking of shows

The party for Get Nude(s) + Drink Champagne was last weekend. I’m so grateful for everyone who was able to attend the reception, we had a great time. Flute was such a snazzy speakeasy space to have my first New York show.

It’s quite a feeling to experience people engaging with my paintings. The opportunity to discuss the idea behind the First Impressions pieces with people, while simultaneously meeting them feels very full circle.

The show has been extended through the end of March.

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February Update

Embodiment: The Figure in Art reception at 3rd Street Gallery

The living room is bare with so many paintings out in the wild. There are some in New York, Philadelphia, and Hammonton and having just retrieved some from Boston, soon I’m going to need a spreadsheet to keep track of these things.

Maybe odd but I dig spreadsheets. They don’t do it for me quite like oil paint, but number-filled box calculations bring me much more joy than they should.

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Work in Embodiment

I delivered two oil paintings to 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia yesterday. They’re going to be in the show, Embodiment: Figure In Art. It feels good to have work out on display in the world.

Two 30×30″ figurative oil paintings on stretched clothing are in this show. Both from my series of Figures on Clothes, Flowered Linen Dress was completed in 2006, Linen Dress with Pocket was painted in 2006 and reworked in 2019.

Drop off day just so happened to be on the last night of Freedom Swing. It was nice to get some long overdue dancing in while in town. The same thing happened in Boston. I kind of love this trend of galleries being in close proximity to good dancing.

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