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Show and tell video, painter style

Recorded in September, here is some of my recent work and a few pieces in progress.

I sort of sound like a chipmunk after speeding it up.

Some of these are still available. Please contact me to inquire about shows and sales.


Feb 15 vibes

Searching for a certain pop song this morning, Pandora returned this song I’d never heard. It’s not even close to what I was looking for but I’m a fan of long shots, rolling dice, and enjoying the ride.

Blog Vibes

Harmonious Vibes, Come from the Heart

Sometimes I’m a music person… sometimes it’s the lyrics. I just love Kathy Mattea’s simple lyrics here.

Also, I love the way art and love are pretty much the same thing. As someone who feels love, art, and creativity are intertwined, this country oldie is a creativity affirmation of sorts… and how I’m starting my week off ♥