Sketch club Sunday

pushup first impression oil on canvas
First Impression, Pushup, Oil on Wood, 8×10. 2019 // Sold

Life Drawing night at RRCA in Millville

Sunday, October 27th from 6 to 8 PM at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts on High Street in Millville. $10.

I don’t organize these things, I’m just sharing the info because I like drawing with this group. This figure drawing sketch club in the Glasstown Arts District.

Dave organizes this. Sometimes people bring adult beverages. Hope to draw with you Sunday. There is more information at Cheers.

PS. I’ll likely attend this and will organize a carpool. If you’re from the Cape May area and are interested in a carpool, drop me a comment or contact form message. With interest, we’ll meet at the library in Wildwood Crest around 5 and return around 9.

PS again. A few of us were talking about getting a group together for a museum trip. Let me know if you want details as they develop. 

Sketch Club Life Drawing Flyer

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