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February Update

Embodiment: The Figure in Art reception at 3rd Street Gallery

The living room is bare with so many paintings out in the wild. There are some in New York, Philadelphia, and Hammonton and having just retrieved some from Boston, soon I’m going to need a spreadsheet to keep track of these things.

Maybe odd but I dig spreadsheets. They don’t do it for me quite like oil paint, but number-filled box calculations bring me much more joy than they should.

My favorite Q2 requirement from my days at Stockton was Visualizing Quantitative Information. Oddly, social media has recently profiled me as someone who likes it too. Apparently textbook author Edward Tufte is holding workshops in the area – I’ve been getting bombarded with advertisements. It’s like they know how much I secretly like charts and data or something. However, it is not safe to assume my sock drawer has connected pairs.

Tax season reminds me how a year of expense receipts closely resembles my unmatched sock drawer. I spent an entire day sorting, marking, and keying in my caffeine paper trail and deciphering receipt-shorthand for supplies like ‘WnsNw’ purchased 13 months ago. It’s something like Tetris, only the colors and shapes are replaced with inconspicuous dates, totals, and retailspeak.

Some of you may find this article I stumbled upon, The Artist’s Guide to Tax Deductions helpful.

Hopefully my easel will have company again soon. It’s certainly not a lack of inspiration keeping me away.

In the mean time, Mercury is retrograde and Saturn is doing some kind of funky slow-moving transit.

Speaking of transits… my 12 passenger Ford Transit is gone! This calls for a celebration.

A photo of a black Ford Transit with cardboard cutouts of a horse, the Rock, and Prof. Dumbledore.
In response to my ‘single woman driving a 12 passenger van because some small towns are a terrible place to do business fiasco’ story, a hilarious unnamed man randomly shipped me three cardboard passengers.

Thursday, Feb. 20 is the closing reception for the Coast Day show at the Noyes in Hammonton. Saturday, Feb. 29 is the reception party at Flute Midtown. Embodiment is still up at 3rd Street Gallery in Philly too.

Oh, and since it’s that time of year again, please ask about the Mercury Effing Retrograde shirts I’ve been making.

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