Intuition is my superpower

Intuition Is My Superpower t-shirt
Intuition Is My Superpower t-shirt available at

Happy astrological new year! It’s the first day of spring. Too bad the weather here in New Jersey didn’t get the memo.

I made a new shirt, “Intuition is my Superpower.” It’s in my Lucky Star Dreams Etsy shop and it’s not just a shirt, its the beginning of my campaign to bring awareness and social validity to intuition. I feel like we miss a lot of life’s little subtleties in the noise of our culture. We tend not to slow down and listen to that energy… and when we do hear it, it blends with the media and entertainment we’re completely immersed in. The whispers are so easily drowned out by noise and the pace in which we move. 

So… if you follow my work, you know how fascinated I am with relationships… more specifically how people communicate without involving words. Timing, touch, body language, presentation, materials, etc…

Exchanging ideas and energy without words is certainly nothing new, but it’s incredibly fascinating to me. People use all sorts of subtleties to give and receive communications. There might not even be words to describe all those pieces but that really shouldn’t make them second-class. We’re all animals here, complete with instincts and intuitions. The most powerful bits probably can’t be cornered with language.

Seems people kind of lump ideas that don’t have matching words together as hokey but it’s really important that we don’t suppress our intuition just because it’s not easy to talk about. Everything doesn’t need to be talked about, right?

Maybe someday I’ll talk about how I try to stay in tune but for now, check out the super cool shirt I made :)) It’s fun but equally literal – intuition really is my superpower.

If you want in, you can buy the Intuition is My Superpower shirt in my etsy shop, Lucky Star Dreams 
It’s $24.99 with free shipping though April 2018.

AND… if you follow @luckystardreams or @jodeeclifford on Instagram and message me – I’ll make you a coupon code for an additional discount 😉

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