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Lego forts

pastels in hand
Okay, soft pastels for now. I’m out of stretcher bars and everything is closed.

My friends were having a baby and they needed someone to keep an eye on their four year old. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was more than happy to help.

I got to spend a few days with a toddler and haven’t enjoyed life so much in ages. This little guy was bursting with joy and giggles. We raced matchbox cars and demolished lego forts and held robot dance parties to songs from Trolls.

And after a few days, my friends came home and I got to hold their teeny tiny newborn baby. Awww <3

Everything about it was awesome.

I’m back down in desolate beach town now, making messes with art supplies instead of giant legos. Reality’s back but it sure was nice to forget about things for a bit.

I’m working on 8 oil paintings. 2 of them are getting close. The two big ones are 48×60″. The others are neither close or that large. I’m also working on a 52×120″ pastel painting as part of the series.

I’m a lot of talk for now, but there’s proof coming.

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