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On my easel July 2019

Disconnected Beesleys Point Bridge, watercolor on paper. 2019

…and every flat surface in the house

What am I working on? So glad you asked. 

Maybe my mind works better when I’m doing 45 things.

Oil on Canvas
Disconnected, Open Beesleys Point Bridge, 36×48 Oil on Canvas, 2019

This year I started working on paintings about disconnection. Set in coastal south Jersey, they’re bridges being built and demolished. There was an old bridge that was in the process of being torn down a few years ago between Beesleys Point and Somers Point near the power plant. I was inspired by its surreal appearance. I had the opportunity to kayak out and take some reference photos before it was demolished. I’ll share the others shortly. 

First Impressions, with tan lines
First Impressions, with tan lines, Oil/Panel, 2019

I usually have some figurative work going too. Now is no exception. First impressions are still in the mix. I haven’t revisited them since being spooked by that book – oh right. Maybe I never published that post. Anyway, I had one of those “OMG seriously!” life poetry scenarios and took a break. They’re still very much in my heart.

Painting of a man taking his shirt off
WIP 12×16 oil/canvas, 2019, J. Clifford

Until recently, I haven’t played much with ideas relating to the masculine form. Right now, I’m working on a few shirtless man paintings. 

I recently wrapped up a couple oil painting commissions and a resin piece donated to a fundraiser.

As always, I’m also doing freelance design work, managing websites, social media, making shirts and outrageous plans, mapping an escape, etc…  My calendar includes escaping the beach to make shirts onsite at my favorite Vermont blueberry farm and create social content, paintings on view at The Gateway, and some dance-in-paint proposals. 

But first, coffee! And salt water. Separately. Coffee with salt water doesn’t taste good. Don’t ask how I know this. 

With good vibes, 
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Hope you enjoyed the update… if not, let us blame Mercury retrograde

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