On the side

Swing Swag Flyer
Rack card, mockup, t-shirt design

Like most painters, I have a handful of side-hustles. Friends and clients call me for design work, t-shirt designs, website development, social media, photography, and alternative marketing.

People tend not to call me for sales help. Actually… if you’re good with sales and you appreciate what I’m doing, we should probably talk.

Family portraits and pet in photography, graphite, and oil paints are among my regular side-hustles. I’ve painted murals, done multidisciplinary installations, and taught children’s art classes. I have a little bit of experience teaching children’s jazz dance classes too.

Painting degree aside, I’m GPIDA certified to teach west coast swing, and I have a Northeast Bartenders certification in professional drink slinging.

If you have an idea, drop me a line. Offbeat marketing projects are my favorite.