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Privacy, censorship

Spinning, West Coast Swing Dancers; 36x48" oil/canvas. Jodee Clifford. 2018

I avoid politics but I’ll absolutely take the recent open door as an opportunity to share my longstanding opinions about censorship, voices, and freedom.

Times like these are why art is exceedingly important.

Facebook status re address book

I’ve been mad about technology companies overstepping their boundaries for a while. Recent days have bothered me to the point of action, to remove social apps from my mobile devices. Social media certainly isn’t important enough for stalker level access to my life.

Companies that do things like perform involuntary social experiments on unknowing users and censor posts for important fundraisers reveal control issues, not moral superiority. These companies literally profit from our subconscious and aren’t held accountable for their monopolistic behavior in the marketplace. I can’t emphasize this enough, politics are secondary to my feelings here.

I’d love to connect with you directly so please reach out to me with your contact information.

I think it’s important to maintain the ability to contact one another, without obtaining ‘permission’ from a third party… especially ones who’ve demonstrated willingness to appoint themselves gatekeepers of free speech they’re monopolistically bulldozing.

Sure a sense of control and power are important, but so are freedom and connection, right?

Regrettably, I still use social media platforms that can be accessed via web browser. At the end of an average day, even after visiting only a dozen websites, I’ll delete between 300-400 cookies / tracking data. Of course they still obtain information from me, but not *quite* as much.

My makeshift solution is to replace much of my social media use with an email campaign, where I’ll periodically share updates. Please subscribe, you’ll probably see more of my posts than you would have on Facebook or Twitter. You should consider doing this, too. I’ll sign up for yours, we can cross promote. Let’s share creative vibes, uncensored.

* (sigh, freedom) You know, one of the selling points they used to grow the internet in the first place. *

Apparently there’s a documentary on Netflix about similar ideas? I don’t have an account or even watch movies, but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t let someone profit off profiling my interests by using a service like that. Sort of ironic how all the pots call all the kettles black, no?

One more random.

I’ve noticed a trend in behavior from some of my smarter connections on social media. Now, obviously I didn’t conduct a scientific study, and I’m certainly not suggesting my loud friends aren’t as smart as my introverted ones… but I’ve noticed a significant portion of my most intelligent connections don’t seem to be the people engaging with content online. Many spend a fair amount of time online but appear not to “like” and “share” as much as the majority.

If that observation is as accurate as it seems, these scripts are a serious problem. If algorithms gear toward catering to the majority hump in the middle, the content appealing to brighter folks will get scrolled over by those who don’t get it and not interacted with by those who do get it… algorithms deem it boring and filter it out. Algorithms will exponentially push down traffic to the point of extinction. Popularity has become a pivotal virtue among the masses… and the majority is, by definition, average.

Wait. Technology companies get to facilitate the dumbing down of a society?! And we’re letting them? This is culturally destructive at best, if you ask me.

I can’t get all these thoughts onto paper fast enough. If life *EVER* allows me to get back to my easel, I feel like some furious painting might get underway. It feels like an important time in life, colored with all the suspenseful stuff movies I don’t watch are made of.

Values are values. They matter in life and on surfaces.

This tech thing is far bigger than politics.

Get on the list. I’ll only write when there’s something to say.

When the going gets tough…

Send me your contact information

Spinning, West Coast Swing Dancers; 36x48" oil/canvas. Jodee Clifford. 2018

Spinning, West Coast Swing Dancers
36×48″ Oil on Canvas
2018, Jodee Clifford

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