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Sailboat paintings

Oil painting: catamaran sailboats, a sailor
Dave and his sailboat. 24×30, oil painting on canvas. 2019
Oil on canvas, Sailboat
Dave on his sailboat. 24×30, oil painting on canvas. 2019

Until last August, I’d never been on a sailboat so when Dave invited me, I had to take him up on it. It sounded like fun, it certainly didn’t disappoint. 

It felt like we were really cruising the first trip out. The Sea Isle City beach got small fast. I only started to slide off once, but it was enough to make me nervous. By the time we came back in I was high on adrenaline.

He later asked if I wanted to go back out, this time on the wire. I was like, “um, on the what?” 

There’s a harness you can wear and clip into certain wires on the sailboat that holds you in place while you dangle off the side. Something like that.

According to Wikipedia, “In sailing, the trapeze is a wire that comes from a point high on the mast, usually where the shrouds are fixed, to a hook on the crew member’s harness at approximately waist level.”

Maybe swing dancing helped me with counterbalance and body positioning? He said I was good at it. Honestly, just the fact that I was locked into something made me feel safer, even if I was hanging off the side of the boat a couple of miles out in the ocean.

Plus, being on the wire freed up my hands to take some reference pictures for these paintings. 

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