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How bout some tee?

Maybe you noticed the new t-shirt section of the site after I posted Hot Tees the other day? If you haven’t seen it yet, click around. They’re one of a kind. Stalker Magnet and Got Antibodies? are from the Sick Healer collection, an original line of funny & medically inspired tees. Proceeds from the collection will be donated to VoiceLove.

A few years back, freelance design work led me to starting a marketplace style t-shirt shop called Swing Swag using a popular creative marketplace service. After years of observation, I feel like the unnamed service unfairly preys on the right-brain dominant creatives with their complex hidden fees. I decided to boycott them and work on my own online t-shirt shop.

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Black & White Mono-prints

In Progress

New Year, new paints coming someday. Hopefully.

There are 3 48×60 heavy duty stretcher bar frames and a rolled up painting in the freshly painted hallway. Canvas and paint, coming soon.


B&W Show at the RRCArts in Millville up through March 13. I have two pieces in the group show that have never been shown. I recently framed the whole series in wildly reflective frames. I would really like to show them all together someday.

Values, transformation, weird, materials, unintended consequences, invasion of privacy, power, control, revelations. These are still themes inspiring me.

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Sketchbook selfie with homemade charcoal

Sketchbook selfie with homemade charcoal

I went to start the car. Click, nothing. Maybe I left the lights on.

After a year of not driving anywhere, I’m still not used to this car. There’s an ‘auto’ setting for the headlights that looks exactly the same as the ‘on’ setting, according to all the light-up indicators that one might be able to see after dark… you know, when you use lights. Unlike like every other car I’ve driven since 2004, someone didn’t include the “lights have been on for a long time so let’s automatically turn ’em off so the battery doesn’t die,” feature. The battery drained but I got some drawing time.

Just like that, I was on the couch wearing makeup with flat-ironed hair in sweatpants. Why not do another mirror sketchbook selfie?

Yes. That is a piece of homemade charcoal I worked with.

You know those orange trumpet flower vines along the Hudson at Battery Park? I made charcoal out of those creeper vines… except they were from my Mom’s. She doesn’t like vines, so I put them to good use.

That’s random so I found someone who’d taken a photo of these pretty creeper things. Oh check it out! The park documented them all in a plants list. Looks like there are a couple of different species.

Homemade charcoal is neat to work with. This vine charcoal came out soft, which was nice for building up subtle tones. A little fixative probably would have come in handy… but it’s just a sketchbook selfie.

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Hot Tees

Brand New to the shop: The Sick Healer™ Collection



Very limited quantities

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Black & White

Image by Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts .

In search of walls…

Two mono prints from Shooting Stars are on view in the Black and White show at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, up now through March 13. In the above photo, they are the two matted pieces next to the center photograph.

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Christmas Cactus on Canvas

Christmas Cactus. 12×16″, Acrylic / Canvas. December, 2020

12×16, Acrylic on Canvas
December, 2020

It’s loose and sketchy and out of my element. I enjoyed working on it, though. Maybe I’ll make another. Maybe not, we’ll see.

Thank you for visiting. Stay as long as you’d like… click around. Contact me to request a private studio tour.

Also, if you need to live with this, make an offer or let me know. It’s not listed yet.

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New Work: Human paint forms

gallery of abstract art called human paint forms

Paint Assembly, Paint Forms

Mixed media work where paint materials are assembled as abstract forms to draw relationships between process, presence, and transformation.

I’ve been working on this series all year.

If you’re wondering anything about these, please ask in the comments below. Also, let me know if you think I should give a video talk a whirl.

Thanks for visiting. Stay as long as you’d like… feel free to share or request a virtual private showing.

PS. And if you already know you need to live with these, let me know. They’re not in the gallery shop (yet).

Float, abstract contemporary mixed media oil painting "Float" Abstract contemporary mixed media oil painting by Jodee Clifford "Float" Abstract contemporary mixed media oil painting by Jodee Clifford

See More:

Earlier work from this series

Paint Assembly
Paint Forms

Don’t miss a thing:

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Saltwater elements

A couple of my saltwater pieces are in a pop-up called The Elements Show in Hammonton this week.
If you’re free and in the area Thursday evening, come to the opening!

27 Central Ave, Hammonton, NJ, 08037

Gallery Hours: November 19, 5-8pm, November 20 & 21, 1-8pm

The Hammonton Art Club presents their latest exhibition! Their theme for November is, The Elements.

Come view the newest pop-up gallery of fine art with a focus on earth, fire, water, and air. This gallery is being curated in collaboration with Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, Hammonton Arts Center – HAC, and Mainstreet Hammonton.