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Small bar world

Random story

Not long out of college, I did a commission for an Atlantic City restaurant. It was this 6 foot by 6 foot scene very much out of my subject matter… but I was fresh out of college and gutsy.

It was a fun project. I traveled for reference material and spent weeks to months working on it. It was big. On delivery day, I tried to rent a van but the beast didn’t fit – so I did what any early twenty-something year old woman would do – I rented a box truck. Somehow there’s no peripheral story to go with that part.

Every time I dine there, I notice the painting and what I’d do differently. I have to remind myself that it marks a place and time in my career… a fearless one.

A few people know I have a part time side hustle tending bar at the beach. Art interference and migraines are among side effects I don’t love.

The mystery place hired another new manager.  He’s nice and stays impressively calm, even against venomous customers.

It’s funny, he actually worked in the Atlantic City restaurant, at the time they commissioned my big painting! How small world is that?!

I get such a kick out of connections like that.


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  1. Love this story!

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