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Snow quiet

I’ve been migrating websites as part of a special project. This part wasn’t glamorous, and it temporarily paused my blog updates. I wasn’t really trying to vanish.

Insta-shhh. Social media has me cranky about privacy issues and overstepping censorship boundaries. Even in the era of social distancing, I removed social media apps from my mobile devices. If the platform is accessible by a browser, I still sporadically log in to ask people to send their contact information. I loved it! Someone saw one of my posts and mailed me an old fashioned address book.

Collecting email addresses for a newsletter, I hope to directly deliver much of my social media content to people who want to see it. If you miss me on the platforms I’ve given the cold shoulder to, you’re invited to subscribe. When it gets rolling, the newsletter will be a periodic splattering of the content I’d typically post on IG, twitter, or facebook. 

Though no one’s really seen, I’ve been painting all along. Solvents I use oil painting were causing me headaches so I did a little research and tweaked my techniques. I’m curious how evident the switch will be in my oil paintings moving forward. 

Solvent free medium

The solvent free medium by Gamblin is decent and Murphy’s Oil Soap works pretty well to clean my brushes. So far, so good. The glazes are slightly thicker than 3 part medium, but my headaches have stopped. Success!

Maybe I’ll use up the end of my solvent based materials plein air come spring.  

Among the real reasons, it’s winter and I feel like some story-telling still life paintings may be coming on. 

Question for the word people: How do you write plural still life? Still lifes? Still-lifes? Still lives? Still life pieces? What’s proper? Should I just keep writing around it? Eh. There’s a reason I’m not a writer. 

I’ll get back to my easel with this… Sometimes circumstances keep things quiet, other times there just aren’t words. 

Two Saltwater Veins. 18x24" Oil on Canvas. 2021, Jodee Clifford.
Two of the four pieces on my easel. They don’t have much to do with one another, and they certainly aren’t a diptych, but stacked they reminded me of a brain. 
Top painting: finished. Bottom painting: work in progress.
Both 18×24″

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