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Speaking of shows

The party for Get Nude(s) + Drink Champagne was last weekend. I’m so grateful for everyone who was able to attend the reception, we had a great time. Flute was such a snazzy speakeasy space to have my first New York show.

It’s quite a feeling to experience people engaging with my paintings. The opportunity to discuss the idea behind the First Impressions pieces with people, while simultaneously meeting them feels very full circle.

The show has been extended through the end of March.

Many thanks to Herve Rousseau for the wonderful reception. Thank you to Chow Brothers Photography, Barbara (aka Mom), Vivian, and Carol for the photos. Thank you keeping the music going, Leslie!

Speaking of extended shows… Embodiment at 3rd Street Gallery has also been extended through March 22. 3rd Street Gallery is doing artist talks and light refreshments for First Friday on March 6 from 5-8 pm. I’ll be briefly discussing the pieces, Flowered Linen Dress and Linen Dress with Pocket.

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