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First Impression 5

First Impression Croquis Painting
First Impression

First Impression 5,
12×12″ Oil / wood, 2018
Nude female figure model

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Figurative paintings on clothes

Figures on Clothes, Oil / Mixed Media / Jodee Clifford
Four pieces from Figures on Clothes series, Oil / Mixed Media. 2003-2004. (L-R White shirt, Plaid dress, Nightshirt, Blue suede pants) 

Figures on Clothes

Figures on Clothes was one of my first series of paintings around 2003. I painted them with relationship ideas between clothing and the human form explored between subject matter and material. I painted nude female figures directly onto the surface of stretched and prepared clothing as I would on primed canvas.

In 2003, I started painting nude women onto the surface of stretched and prepared clothing as though it were canvas.

In revisiting the series, I’m bringing in some intimate and emotional elements. I plan to continue these.

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West Coast Swing: Duck, Oil on Canvas

Connection: West Coast Swing at Grace Church, 2017 30x40, Oil on Canvas (Jodee Clifford / 2017)
Connection: West Coast Swing at Grace Church,
30×40, Oil on Canvas
(Jodee Clifford / 2017)

West Coast Swing, Duck, Oil painting swing dancers on canvas. Lead Follow dancing, Connection Symbolism Dance Painting, 30×40″. 2017 Jodee Clifford

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Original Seated Woman, pastel and conte on paper

Life Drawing at the Art League, Pastel on paper,
Life Drawing at the Art League, 11×15 Pastel on paper, c. 2006 (Jodee Clifford)

Seated Woman, Charcoal, Pastel and Conte on blue pastel paper c. 2006, by Jodee Clifford
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Gateway Playhouse Show

Jodee Clifford with Connection paintings at Gateway Playhouse
Photo by Jeffrey Schwartz

In October, the Gateway Playhouse in Somers Point, New Jersey further expanded their support of the arts to include featuring the work of a new local visual artist each month. The artwork can be viewed prior to the shows and during intermission and is available for purchase.

I had the opportunity to be the first  artist to show my artwork at the Gateway Playhouse. My connection paintings displayed through the month of October 2017. It’s really exciting to experience the overlap of artists supporting artists.

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Stone Harbor Arts Festival this weekend

Art by Jodee Clifford is in Tent 1 (fine art), booth #3
Find me in tent 1 (fine art), booth #3

I’m kind of really excited to be doing the Stone Harbor Arts & Crafts Festival for the first time this weekend. Come look, bring friends and a coffee for me (just cream;) ), save me a dance, or just say hi.

Fine art tent #1, booth #3.