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Occasionally I promote a post. Instagram rejected my latest promotion. They claim it “exploits crisis or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.”

It’s a slideshow I made of the paintings I’ve been working on since social distancing began. I threw in a few personal behind the scenes shots and commentary. What am I missing? I’m an oil painter sharing a collection of work I’ve been busy with while confined. I’m not even selling anything! Here’s the post:

Embedded from Youtube instead of Instagram
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Story Bingo for Artists

Creative Quarantine Bingo

There may be a perfectly logical reason I haven’t seen one of these around the internet yet… but I made it anyway.

An Instagram Bingo Story for Artists.

It’s free to use however you’d like. Tag @jodeeclifford in your game pieces… I’d love to see them.

Customize it with the Illustrator editable download below.

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