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The Last Dance at Sangha Space

Connection, West Coast Swing, Lead-Follow Social Dancers, Watercolor, 2017 jodee clifford
WCS Dancers at Sangha, 11×14″ Watercolor, Jodee Clifford, 2017

Tonight is the last west coast swing dance at one of my favorite places to dance, Sangha Space.

Tonight’s dance details —>>> 

It’s the setting of many great dance memories and quite a few of my dance paintings too. The energy of that building just radiated creativity with the dancing, art, charm, and architecture… So many of us are sad to see Rob and Sheila’s Tuesday Westies dances move.

There is good news though.  Rob and Sheila‘s Tuesday Westies dances are expected to continue at a new location nearby. I’m sure they’ll keep the Tuesday Westies Facebook group page updated.

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