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Woman in the water

woman in the water lithograph by Jodee Clifford
Woman in the Water, Lithograph on Arches, 7.5 x 11.5. c. 2002

I took a printmaking class in college. It was an odd time to be learning traditional methods of reproducing images, everything was shifting digital.

We still learned to submit work to galleries via slides, to give you a sense of time. I still have some in a binder with fancy slide pocket organizers.

Anyway, I cleaned my studio. Ever since, I’ve been wasting a HUGE amount of time looking for things.

One night I sat down to draw. Instead of drawing, I had to ransack the entire house to find my pencils. By the time I found them two hours later, in a nice organized place on the shelf, I was way too mad to draw.

Anyway, in my sketchbook search, I came across these lithographs from college.

Back then I had two or three jobs plus a full time course load… And an equally busy live-in boyfriend. Those years are a blur.

I did this drawing right on the aluminum plate, which expedited the process. Sometimes that type of efficiency would work out.

If you like this thing as much as I do, please consider making an offer. There are two and I don’t need them both. I’ll ship it within a day or two at most.

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