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How bout some tee?

Maybe you noticed the new t-shirt section of the site after I posted Hot Tees the other day? If you haven’t seen it yet, click around. They’re one of a kind. Stalker Magnet and Got Antibodies? are from the Sick Healer collection, an original line of funny & medically inspired tees. Proceeds from the collection will be donated to VoiceLove.

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Black & White Mono-prints

In Progress

New Year, new paints coming someday. Hopefully.

There are 3 48×60 heavy duty stretcher bar frames and a rolled up painting in the freshly painted hallway. Canvas and paint, coming soon.


B&W Show at the RRCArts in Millville up through March 13. I have two pieces in the group show that have never been shown. I recently framed the whole series in wildly reflective frames. I would really like to show them all together someday.

Values, transformation, weird, materials, unintended consequences, invasion of privacy, power, control, revelations. These are still themes inspiring me.

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Free Fabric Color Swatch Downloads for Illustrator

tee color mockup

I made some swatch libraries to make my design life easier. One color swatch library is based on the Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirts (the super soft ring-spun cotton collection I use).

Why not share them? Here’s a free download.

They probably aren’t for everyone, but if you use Adobe Illustrator to design t-shirts to be printed on B+C 3001 series, or the other tee collections below, these will make your color mock-up life a little bit easier.

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Hot Tees

Brand New to the shop: The Sick Healer™ Collection

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Privacy, censorship

Spinning, West Coast Swing Dancers; 36x48" oil/canvas. Jodee Clifford. 2018

I avoid politics but I’ll absolutely take the recent open door as an opportunity to share my longstanding opinions about censorship, voices, and freedom.

Times like these are why art is exceedingly important.

Facebook status re address book

I’ve been mad about technology companies overstepping their boundaries for a while. Recent days have bothered me to the point of action, to remove social apps from my mobile devices. Social media certainly isn’t important enough for stalker level access to my life.

Companies that do things like perform involuntary social experiments on unknowing users and censor posts for important fundraisers reveal control issues, not moral superiority. These companies literally profit from our subconscious and aren’t held accountable for their monopolistic behavior in the marketplace. I can’t emphasize this enough, politics are secondary to my feelings here.

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