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Work in Embodiment

I delivered two oil paintings to 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia yesterday. They’re going to be in the show, Embodiment: Figure In Art. It feels good to have work out on display in the world.

Two 30×30″ figurative oil paintings on stretched clothing are in this show. Both from my series of Figures on Clothes, Flowered Linen Dress was completed in 2006, Linen Dress with Pocket was painted in 2006 and reworked in 2019.

Drop off day just so happened to be on the last night of Freedom Swing. It was nice to get some long overdue dancing in while in town. The same thing happened in Boston. I kind of love this trend of galleries being in close proximity to good dancing.

There was extra time between delivering paintings and the evening dance so I took a little nostalgic walk. The gallery is in the same neighborhood I got caught sneaking up to back in high school. My favorite stores and coffee shops aren’t around any longer, and the boyfriend I’d meet up with is a married dad now. Even still, it’s funny how a little walk can turn you right back into to a teenager who believes anything is possible.

Okay, enough with the stories, acknowledging the fair chance that I’ll edit this.

Friday should be fun, I hope you can make it.

Embodiment: Figure In Art
3rd Street Gallery
Reception: Friday, January 24 from 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Exhibition: Jan. 24- Feb. 23, 2020
610 S. 3rd Street, Philadelphia

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