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Art Dance Mashup Project: Make Art With Dance

Art / dance mashup installation

West coast swing dancers captured residual art from elements of connection and movement through improvisational lead/follow connection, common ground on June 23, 2018 during 48 Blocks.

Two 40″x96″ latex and acrylic on wood paintings

Gigantic thanks to dancers Mike Pisco, Mike Reher & Buffy, and Carol & Emmet for being a part of this… and also to those who came to watch… and those who photographed / recorded it, and the festival-goers who watched, photographed, recorded, snap-chatted, instagrammed, facebooked, tweeted, shared, and jumped in to be part of this project. I’m just really grateful for the way so many people became a part of this offbeat project… wait… I mean on-beat project.

And the toddler dancers had so much fun that  my heart is still smiling.

AND I screenprinted shirts… maybe I’ll list the extras on Swing Swag.

More about the project >>

This video is a compilation of sped up videos from B. Sedotti, A. Brogan, and @lo_in_sojo / @48BlocksAC social media videos / stories / etc…

I forgot my camera was set to manual focus so here are many blurry photographs.

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